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Managing Headaches: Tips for Relief and Prevention

Dr. goyal rewa is a renowned doctor in the field of headach. He has been practicing medicine for over 8 years and has treated many patients with different types of headachs, from mild to severe ones. His most recent research was on how to reduce the anxiety caused by headachs and he found that it can be done by using meditation and yoga techniques. Headaches are a veritably common condition that utmost people will witness numerous times during their lives. The main symptom of a headache is a pain in your head or face. This can be palpitating, constant, sharp or dull. Headaches can be treated with drug, stress operation and biofeedback.

What are the types of headaches?

There are further than 150 types of headache. They fall into two main orders primary and secondary headaches.

Primary headaches-

Primary headaches are those that are n’t due to another medical condition. The order includes

? Cluster headaches.

? Migraine.

? New diurnal patient headaches (NDPH).

? Pressure headaches.

Secondary headaches-

Secondary headaches are related to another medical condition, similar as

? Complaint of blood vessels in the brain.

? Head injury.

? High blood pressure (hypertension).

? Infection.

? Drug overuse.

? Sinus traffic.

? Trauma.

? Excrescence.

What causes headaches? 

Headache pain results from signals interacting among the brain, blood vessels and girding jitters. During a headache, an unknown medium activates specific jitters that affect muscles and blood vessels. These jitters shoot pain signals to the brain.

What triggers headaches and migraines?

Common triggers of pressure headaches or migraines include

? Alcohol use.

? Changes in eating or sleeping patterns.

? Depression.

? Emotional stress related to family and musketeers, work or academy.

? Inordinate drug use.

? Eye, neck or back strain caused by poor posture.

? Lighting.